Assignment 1

Assignment 1

The following assignment section was created so that you can check if the information given in the first lesson is now clear to you, so that you can move on onto the next topics. 

Tools needed: a DAW, a metronome.

Exercise 1)

Can you name all the notes in the following three examples?

Melody 1: 

Melody 2:

Melody 3:

Exercise 2)

Clap along with a metronome and send us a video to receive some feedback on (choose the  speed based on your skills, slowing down helps improving faster) the following examples. Use the reference audio found on the website as a guide if you’re struggling.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Solutions Provided at the beginning of the next lesson! If recognising the note names was too easy for you, try now singing them, as a small anticipation of future topics.