Online Course

Yerbamate’s Music Theory Academy for Producers offers online pre-recorded lessons to help producers enhance their production skills. Our academy is divided into three levels, starting from the basics such as note names and metronome basics, and already at the end of Level 1 we dive into chord progressions, jazz chords, and deep understanding of rhythm.

We provide assignments and solutions to track your progress and offer three tests at the end of each level to check your skills. Our step-by-step clear explanations make it easy to learn, no matter your current level of experience.

At Yerbamate, we understand that not everyone wants to commit to buying a full course. That’s why we offer the flexibility to purchase each lesson separately, so you can learn at your own pace and focus on the topics that interest you the most.

Join our Music Theory Academy for Producers today and take your music production skills to the next level!

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