Private Lessons

Yerbamate’s Music Theory Academy for Producers also offers private 1 on 1 lessons with weekly 1-hour appointments. Our lessons are designed to provide full flexibility on the course curriculum, allowing students to customize their learning experience to their specific interests and needs.

Our private lessons are structured like a mentorship, where we not only give feedback but also train students to acquire ear training skills and a deep understanding of harmony. We want our students to really understand what’s going on when talking about chords, rather than simply repeating patterns or playing random “good sounding” combinations.

Our experienced Italian musicians, DJs, and producers will interact constantly with the student, ensuring they receive the personalized attention they need to achieve their goals. With our 1 on 1 lessons, students have the opportunity to dive deep into the topics they are most interested in and receive feedback on their specific projects.

Join our private 1 on 1 lessons and elevate your music production skills to the next level with the help of Yerbamate’s Music Theory Academy for Producers!

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